Dress as Sonic in new loungewear on sale from Sega Shop

We might be in the middle of a heat wave, but Sega is now selling Sonic loungewear ready for the winter.

The main garment is a Sonic hooded robe priced at £54.99 – a full length blue dressing gown with spikes on the back of the hood.

Then, to complete the look, Sonic boot slippers are available for £19.99 to keep your feet warm.
It means that for £75, you can finally dress up as Sonic for that ten second waddle from the bed to the toilet each morning. When you gotta go, you gotta go fast.

Alternatively, for £16.99 you can get some rubber soled mule slippers.

All items are currently available to pre-order from the Sega Shop, with shipping expected in October 2022.

If you’re looking to re-live your youth – or experience the early days of Sonic for the first time – you can now play through Sonic Origins, a collection of the Mega Drive classics.

Sonic Frontiers, a brand new open zone adventure, is then due later this year across multiple platforms.