Lottery winner who scooped £105m jackpot still drives wife’s second-hand Volvo

An overnight millionaire who scooped an £105million Euromillions jackpot still drives around in his wife’s second hand Volvo – despite spending £850,000 on supercars.

Builder Steve Thomson, 43, is the proud owner of three £100,000 Range Rovers, a £100,000 Tesla and a £200,000 ‘bright green Lamborghini.

His driveway also boasts two £50,000 range-topping VW transporter vans and a £50,000 Ford Mustang.

But the dad of three still drives around in his wife Lenka’s second hand Volvo XC90, the Sun reports.

Steve and Lenka, 42, moved into the £4.5million country mansion just 12 months after landing the jackpot win in November 2019.

One neighbour said: “Steve’s got a car for every day of the week. Maybe they’re buying them for the kids?”

Another local told the paper: “He’s got at least one supercar. It’s bright green so I think it’s a Lamborghini.

“If you’ve got that sort of money you need to enjoy it — and Steve certainly he is.

“We think he’s given a lot away, so good on him for spending some on himself.”

The couple’s 14.5 acre estate enjoys a lake house and stables, a swimming pool, tennis courts and ‘party barn’ beside their six-bedroom farmhouse.

Before moving in Steve’s only luxury was a second-hand VW van so he could honour all the building jobs he had taken on before his win.

But they’re not the only lottery winners who still enjoy a bargain despite becoming overnight millionaires.

The UK’s biggest ever lottery winners, Joe and Jess Thwaite from Gloucestershire bagged an £184million ticket in the Euromillions in May.

But despite becoming Britain’s biggest ever jackpot winners, their first purchase was a £38,000 second hand Volvo.

Joe previously said he is “not a great car person” and his dream motor was a Skoda Superb estate “because of the amount of stuff you can get in the boot”.

He had been driving a Hyundai but said: “I’m going to get something that does the job and is a big upgrade to my old little car that’s covered in dents.”

The couple were pictured getting into their newly purchased V60 as renovations on their grade II-listed home in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, were ongoing.

Rather than selling up and moving into a new dream property, the pair opted to stay put and continue with the renovations which had been started before they scooped the cash prize off a lucky dip ticket.